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The next few years brought a flurry of activities: as an actor in Wilderness Road Outdoor Drama, doing after dinner speaches, writing articles for bluegrass music periodicals, becoming a published song writer, building banjos, doing mother-of-pearl inlay and metal engraving, and working road shows and TV with performers like Don Reno and Bill Harrell, the Goins Brothers and Larry Sparks.

Mom, Dad and my sisters, Kathy and Vicki always encouraged me to follow my dreams and now it is time to stay alittle closer to home and catch up with some of the things I missed. Man, this Nation is beautiful, but you can't beat Bull Mountain on a clear day".

Davis (born September 17, 1966), better known by the stage name Doug E.

Although he began his recording career as a solo artist as one of the last artists on Enjoy Records and one of the first on Vintertainment Records (the same New York-based label owned by Vincent Davis that would later make a name of Hip-Hop artist Joeski Love and bring R&B icon Keith Sweat to ultimate fame), it was when he and a new team of DJs known as The Get Fresh Crew (Barry Bee and Chill Will) along with a newcomer named MC Ricky D (who would later achieve fame as Slick Rick) came to fledgling New Jersey-based Hip-Hop label Reality/Danya Records the following year and recorded "The Show" (which borrowed the melody of the and "La Di Da Di", a tune that was completely voiced by MC Ricky D and backed by Doug E's beat box for the entire duration of the song.

It was when both of these songs were released on a single (particularly 12" single) that broke him (and Slick Rick) into stardom.

He was asked to take part in the services; calling the roll of former band members in attendance.

In 2000 James Monroe, Bill's son, ask Doug to organize an annual Blue Grass Boy Reunion .

In 1986, through the encouragement of Jim Litten, he started Blue Grass Today, a syndicated Bluegrass Radio Program.

The show featured weekly interviews with entertainers like Earl Scruggs, Bill Monroe, and Ralph Stanley.

In 1970 Doug attended Berea College where he and Glenn Lawson started a group; The Phuzz Street Knucklebusters and the next summer (1971) he had the opportunity to travel and perform with Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys from The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville Tennessee.

Doug remained closely associated with the Monroe for the next 25 years.

from 1986 (which includes the hit song "All The Way To Heaven") and The World's Greatest Entertainer from 1988—both of which are now long out of print and extremely rare.