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Who is erika david dating

Nixon said Rachel was Erica's "precursor to the public" but Rachel was a lower-class version.

The "character that we were all interested in was not Erica, but Tara," said Doris Quinlan, the show's former executive producer.

"She was the sweet young ingenue — the one with all the problems that everyone was supposed to care about...

With Procter & Gamble unable to make room for the new series in its line up, she put All My Children on hold.

Nixon became head writer of Another World where she used the model of the Erica character to create a brand new character: Rachel Davis.

Although Nixon designed her as one of the bad characters, she was not intended to come off as evil or menacing.

Since Nixon created All My Children as a "light hearted" soap opera, the series' villains, Erica included, came across as more fun and funny, than wicked.

In 1969, Susan Lucci responded to a casting call for All My Children.