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Who is lil kim dating now 2016

At first glance, the woman in the series of photos could easily be mistake for a white woman, but if you look closely, you’ll realize the woman in the photos is actually Lil Kim. Apparently, Lil Kim has always been insecure about her physical features and always had the desire to make drastic changes to her looks.

" on her Instagram page, and churning out one snarky meme after another about how she's trying to become a white or Latina woman.

It's easy to laugh, easy to zero in on the bad surgery and bleached skin.

Yes, Lil Kim has always been known for changing her appearance (remember the purple hair? On Sunday evening, the 41-year-old uploaded a photo collage to Instagram that shows six different selfie images of her blonde hair and dramatically different-looking face.

As a child, she was scrutinized by her own father, and many of the men she dated reportedly cheated on her with fair-skinned women she categorized as “European-looking” with long hair.

Add to this the pressure most women in entertainment feel to uphold unrealistic requirements of beauty.

Perhaps the saddest thing about Kim's transformation is that it reflects a look that is very much celebrated and applauded -- just not on her.

Our shock comes from how extreme this latest photo is, but where was the shock and concern in 2005, when Kim had already clearly began to lighten her skin?