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Who is mark foster swimmer dating

But the pair have seemingly made-up, and along with Skelton and the rest of the broadcast swimming crew, starred in a "pool karaoke" video where they were videoed lip-syncing the words to Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop The Feeling.

The viral video appears to show Adlington stroking Foster's leg under the table while presenting the swimming coverage earlier this week.

The pair have had their ups and downs during the Rio coverage, with Adlington snapping at Foster's jibe that the double Beijing gold medalist only won bronze medals in London - she appeared to tell him "f*** off" during the live broadcast.

With his finely honed physique and effortless smoulder, Mark Foster's attempt to recreate David Beckham's notorious Armani advert is virtually flawless.

And save for the odd grey hair, his likeness is all the more remarkable given he is approaching his 40th birthday.

Either way, both sportsmen appear to have made use of some rather strategic padding during their respective photoshoots.

Explaining his decision to strip down, Foster said: 'I’m so used to swimming in a pair of trunks and being in next to nothing anyway, stripping to a pair of underpants isn’t a major issue for me.

After her followers started to comment on what a beautiful "couple" the pair made, Becky felt the need to clear up the speculation.