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Who is rob halford dating

The band has been known to rock harder than on this mid-tempo track, but I've always felt the group is at its best when its approach is more deliberate and lingering.

Deciding which one, however, is both the hard part and the fun part.

I think she's so cool, and you guys should really meet.' So we started talking and one thing led to another."Originally Chester had sung the whole song," Shinoda adds, "but we felt like it needed this other perspective; if you hear another voice on it, it would make it feel like it's coming from more than one person.

We asked her if she'd sing on it, and I thought it really took the song to another dimension." Check out the new song(Gibson) Astronomers have determined that southern Illinois will enjoy the longest duration of the total solar eclipse that's occurring later this year.

The band delivered the live debut of the track - with guest vocals by Kiiara alongside frontman Chester Bennington - from their rehearsal space on Thursday during a Facebook Live session, a social media platform where the band enjoys 62 million followers.

"We're super-excited about the song, and the excitement around it has been kind of crazy," Mike Shinoda tells Billboard.

This track effectively spotlights the group's strengths: precise, often complex songwriting, dense dual guitars, and the powerful vocals of frontman Geoff Tate. Check Amazon rating » Germany's Scorpions became hugely popular in America during the mid '80s, riding in on a wave of melodic, slightly operatic metal that always remained highly accessible for mass audiences.

There are several of the band's tunes more well-known than this fine album track from 1984's , but I don't know if there any that are better.

I choose this one, however, because it's the best approximation of the menace, threat and breakneck assault Guns N' Roses delivered in its blend of old-school hard rock, metal and punk. Check Amazon rating » In my mind, metal in the '80s never seemed more broodingly gothic, precise or intelligent than in the work of Metallica, one of the most important of America's thrash pioneers.