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Who is tristan prettyman dating 2016

Too bad the pop-punk prince and princess didn't procreate because with Avril's clothing line that baby would've been the most stylish tot on the Warped Tour. coach and his badass wife announced they were splitting in mid-2015 after knowing each other 10 years and being married in 2011.

"I will always love her unconditionally."Together, Ciara and Future were on top of the world.

Collaborating on "Body Party" gave the singer her biggest hit in years and catapulted the Atlanta MC into the mainstream. Future) in May 2014, but their engagement was called off three months after.

But, hey, Janet: Any man who tattoos YOUR FACE on his body is a keeper!

The pop star and the Gym Class Heroes frontman dated just as their careers were taking off.

No Doubt's breakout album 'Tragic Kingdom' relived this couple's 1994 split in oft-awkward detail. But, sadly, we can't have tragic heartbreakers like "Don't Speak" and a shiny-happy couple. Miss Piggy gave a very Miss Piggy statement about the split, saying "Dating moi is like flying close to the sun.

It was inevitable that Kermit would drop down to the ground while I stayed in the heavens." Fair.

But the One Direction lad got a song ("I Knew You Were Trouble") plus a catty shoutout at the GRAMMYs where Swiftie mocked his accent.

While the pair will never ever (ever ever) get back together, we do think they were a cute couple. The Girls' Generation sweetheart and 2PM hunk were both Los Angeles natives and known for their outgoing personalities.

Their divorce came two years later on October 23, 2011..still no new album from Milian. Years after her 'Lizzie Mc Guire' days, we were happy to see 23-year-old good girl Hilary Duff find young love with Canadian hockey player Mike Comrie.

Yet after three years of marriage, the two announced a split. All hope for lasting love was lost when Sonic Youth's founding members separated after 27 years of marriage. The October 14, 2011 split announcement led member Lee Ranaldo to confirm the band would be "ending for a while." No fair!!!

No statement about the split yet, but Ci's new single "I Bet" ("I would stay if you could tell the truth / But you can't, no matter how much time I ask") seems to do all the talking.