Start Windows media player 10 without validating

Windows media player 10 without validating

Alternatively, some users reported that by split WMP11 installer into several setup components, it’s about to install Windows Media Player 11 proper bypassing the WGA validation: Or else, there are cracked or hacked version of no WGA Windows Media Player 11 installer where you can install WMP 11 straight away, even on non-genuine Windows XP or OS with validation errors or invalid product key.

Setup cannot continue One or more of the following problem has occurred during Setup.

Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Setup was unable to validate that your copy of Windows is genuine.

Microsoft has released Windows Media Player 11 (WMP 11) beta which is available for direct full download from Windows Media Player Download page (no validation required), or Microsoft Download Center (WGA validation required – for ways to bypass WGA validation, visit here).

However, even if you managed to download Windows Media Player 11, there is a built-in WGA that check whether your Windows is genuine or not when trying to install as WMP 11 is designated by Microsoft for users running genuine Microsoft products or genuine Windows.

Windows Media Player 11 is available for free download officially at Microsoft website, You must have Windows XP Service Pack-2 (SP2) in order to install Windows Media Player 11.0.

So guys if you are facing a problem while installing this new Windows Media Player if your copy of Windows XP is not a genuine , since WMP 11.0 installation requires genuine windows validation.

However, for whatever reasons, if you still still want to install WMP11, there are workaround ways to bypass and disable the WGA validation check during setup installation process: ( If you still having validation error, try to replace both Legit Check in \Windows\System32 directory and

Cracked and patched version of Legit Check and can be downloaded (links obsolete, check out crack method for WMP11 RTM Final or use registry hack to install).

Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational uses only. Readers should contact Microsoft if legitimately-licensed OEM software does not properly validate. I’ve read far too many horror stories of WGA falsely identifying installations of Windows as invalid, and honestly, I just don’t want to deal with the potential hassle.

However, I refuse to allow any tentacle of Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) to touch my machine.

Click Finish to close setup and navigate your web browser to the Windows Genuine Advantage Website for additional information.