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Wow dating infographic

For example, the infographic suggests sending a rewards email to engaged customers. A hotel could apply this advice to reward a segment of guests that has spent a certain amount of money or stayed a certain number of times.

A colorful infographic look at many surprising and fascinating facts about water. Why is the water you drink the same stuff that was around when dinosaurs were alive?

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, from Online examining some of the data behind online dating.

Per the graphic — which pulls data from a number of sources, including Reuters and The Washington Post — online dating is worth more than one billion dollars per year, with the mobile phone dating market worth $550 million. As an online dater (who met his wife online) I can testify to the value of seeking a partner via the internet.

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For the modern hotelier, success is all about finding ways to leverage technology to make your job easier and more efficient.

In sum, if you want to create a high-touch experience for today’s increasingly technologically connected consumers, you need to start thinking about holistic, interconnected guest experiences.

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This means the guest experience at your hotel can’t just exist in the real world–hoteliers need to take the online world into consideration as well.