Start Yonghwa and seohyun dating

Yonghwa and seohyun dating

The main thing is although I'm very very late to watch this drama but I'm so so so so so so in love with this drama, Doctor Stranger. Dr Oh is just being ordinary girl in love, that's why she got the hearts of many.

But on the matter about JSY well i couldn't agree more:) At first this drama was great because of the extraordinary skill of the lead role and the acting was brillant, but it gets me more confused as the episode runs by.. so if Koreans like only family or rom-com drama why make other dramas. and Pinocchio is not a good drama at all but appreciate Lee jong suk acting there.

Also like everyone else I have a problem with Jae Hee or Han Seung Hee. But it gets frustrating because I just don't know if it's supposed to be like that or just badly written (or acted by that actress). They did the camera circling the couple, the music. Combine all that with the above paragraph = bad idea. first of all, i really don't like jaehee's personality. haha if her role was that borring its not her fault , that's the director whatsoever's problem ok people! their story is great and jae hee's 2nd character seunghee might seem be booring but that's her character right ? this is a great drama its just the female lead is unpredictable but wisely saying park hoon and jae hee's chemistry is great ,hope they work more in the future kang so ra and park hae jin too , they have a chemistry its just that its not much given attention . I cant contain my feeling about it so I put it here.

The couple scenes in the north had a great chemistry. But in context with the story at that time it was just weird. Perhaps, it could work if they made smoother transition between Jae Hee's cheerful personality and her superspy persona. i know jaehee's character is the way she is because of what she experienced in north korea, but far out, would it have been too hard to give us a moment where we really believed the two had actual chemistry during their time at the hospital? her character is so much better, and i actually /wanted/ her and park hoon together, because they actually had romantic moments (though mainly one sided). many hating n herlike lol i honestly like their chemistry better than kang so ra''s. everyone be like park hoon should have been with dr. every low rating drama in korea is great internationally! Great drama,well written script, i felt like the writer was challenging himself through every episode, nd none of them was predicted, however i wished that park hoon would be together with dr oh and eventually realize that his love for jae hee was just guilt, honestly i didn't even like her character too much in the drama i got bored, but when it comes to ideas nd surgeries they were well done, lee jong suk great job as always he was well chosen for the character, i love this drama hope to see much better ones in the future fighting :p Oh Soo Hyun is the best partner and should be the female lead.. Next time please choose the female partner that really looks good and well for Lee Jong Suk. Lee Jung Suk is an excellent actor but he is not good to so terrible events, that is why he appears to be an adolescent physician. However the series has some interest for the psychological portraits of people involved. Still watching this drama, I think it's interested since this drama have different background story and brave enough among other dramas that most brings romance and love hate story. Lee Jong Suk is very different here, it shows his quality as a great actor. Wow I have to vent about this somewhere: never have i been so annoyed by a drama character so much in my life.

It's all so weird and doesn't make any sense to me. Now I think he waiting in perfect time to comeback in good korean drama because he was empty.

Maybe tomorrow I will watch more, maybe I will drop it. I'm sorry tyba inspirit but this drama doesn't have a good storyline at all. To JSY I can't force you to agree in my comment because for sure you don't like her, coz your obvious.

to make understand, DS drama stated "True love is great for the people who loves each other"..

I know why Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon didn't get best couple awards, its all because Kang Sora!!! Why all people keep shipping that stupid quack with Lee Jong Suk oppa...

However, the writer was indeed stupid for making it like Hoon was in love with 2 girls. Although LJS is acted with his better because he is the male lead he responsible to do his best and we knowing PHJ is good as a second lead that's why he expert in that character again and JSY she acted good if her character as female lead is really great character... hope their drama for 2016 were become better for them.. At episode 1 I catched my attention because I like the cute love story of park hoon and song jae hee and because of that I became interested to find out for what's going on in the love story of heartbeat couple but went the story of episode 5 -19 I'm became worried in outcome of love happenings for hoon and jae hee because hoon was focusing to find jae hee when their separated in budapest, but he hard to find jae hee at that moment because of many obstacles in their relationship, all of a sudden when he is in South Korea he met the character of kang sora - dr oh I thought their became only friends and not more than on that but I' am wrong the writer of this drama putting a love triangle which does not needed to story, because when you guys observing the hard time and the sacrifices of hoon and jae hee were became too much to have a love triangle and because of that I'am became disappointed and skipped the annoying parts that I don't want to watched.