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You dating skylar

Well Romeo, Romeo, smokin' blow with Antonio In the back alley takin' shots of whiskey and only gold Juliet's at the nudie bar, doin' God only knows Neither one of 'em came to see the dog and the pony show But a bitch is a bitch, and a horse is a horse, ain't it?

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Disturbed - The Night | Disturbed - Inside The Fire | Disturbed - Deceiver | Disturbed - Perfect Insanity | Clean Bandit, Sean Paul, Anne-Marie - Rockabye | Jah Khalib - Leila (при уч.

Маквин) | Filatov & Karas, Rada & Maria - Лирика | Miya Gi, Эндшпиль - Люби меня (feat.

Симптом (НЖН)) | Martin Garrix - Animals | Макс Барских - Туманы | Eric Saade, Gustaf Noren, Filatov & Karas - Wide Awake (Red Mix) | Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You | Green Day - 21 Guns | John Williams - Hedwig's Theme | Major Lazer, MØ, Dj Snake - Lean On | Major Lazer, Fuse ODG, Nyla - Light It Up (Remix) | Натали - Вишня | Sash!

I didn't know you'd be insane Dreams can be so deceiving You're an itch I can't reach A wound that won't heal The smell of skin that's burning I didn't know you'd be insane But it's true, and just say all I am to you is a [Pre-Hook - Eminem:] Pain in my neck, thorn in my side Stain on my blade, blood on my knife Been dreaming of her, all of my life But she won't come true, she's just my nightmare I woke up to [Hook - Skylar Grey:] She's twisted, he's a rebel, she's sick, he's hard to handle The worst of all is he just don't care She's twisted like a rope, that is wrapped around her throat But the worst part of all is she really don't give a...

(shit) (She don't give a shit) [Verse 2 - Skylar Grey & Eminem:] Sometimes I wish that you'd just die Cause I'm too afraid of leaving I didn't know you'd be insane Dreams can be so deceiving (How did it come to this?

She joined the Notre Dame team in 2009, full of promise but as yet, unproven.