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Zach quinto dating kristen bell

you try to tailor that character a little closer to who the actor is.

She confides in Peter that she has lived in the Company's holding facility for 16 years.

Elle is introduced in the episode "Fight or Flight" as an agent of the Company, an organization whose primary purpose is to identify, monitor and study those individuals with special abilities.

The daughter of Company head Bob Bishop, she possesses the power to generate and manipulate electricity.

Her theatrical productions include The Crucible, A Little Night Music, Tom Sawyer, Reefer Madness, and Sneaux! Following Heroes, Kristen starred as the voice of "Anna" in the record-breaking Disney film Frozen.

During her time on Veronica Mars, Kristen worked with Heroes cast members Dianna Agron, David Barrera, Kevin Bray, Francis Capra, Ivonne Coll, Dana Davis, Paul Ganus, Brian Kimmet, Jaime Ray Newman, Rick Peters, John Prosky, D.

Kristen also appeared in episodes of Everwood, Deadwood, and The Shield.

After getting her big break in the film Spartan, Kristen went on to work in other films, such as Deepwater, Fifty Pills (with Nora Zehetner), Pulse, Roman, Fanboys, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and The Good Place. Kristen is also a singer, having performed a number of tracks for Veronica Mars.

Aus dem Hobby wurde dann langsam eine große Passion und schließlich ein Beruf.