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Zoosk online dating reviews

Wish me luck and no offense but I hope not to be here again.

Even as a member you have to pay extra money to buy "coins" to get all the benefits of the site.

I told them I was going to dispute with my credit card company and they said not necessary, they will refund.

And now keep my profile up unpaid just to prove it is a BIG SCAM! Think you all get my point..., BTW,,, If they send you something that says, a Zoosk MEMBER is interested in you, it maybe someone who is hot. Q: This AM, before I joined, I looked thru the men in my town to see if there were any on the site that I was interested in. I thought there would be a way to type in the members name in a search somewhere, but there is not.

Just put up a profile, don`t pay, and watch how many people have an interest in you, just by checking out their profile. BEWARE, as I believe that it is a ZOOSK STAFF MEMBERS PROFILE to try to SUCK YOU IN TO PAYING!!!! I wrote down their member names to find them again easily without searching. I have been thru ALL of the ones they show me 4 times!!! there is NOWHERE on the site to type in a members Zoosk name.

Extortion is rife on the site and the members details needs to be verified so as to ensure hat this type of practice is exposed and eradicated…

Read Full Review I appreciated the fact that it wasn't too personal.

Never again will I join anything without knowing all the stupid rules !!!

Zoosk is a large online dating site that features a Facebook app and attempts to integrate social networking with dating.

Perhaps there needs to be questions when you block people. Read Full Review I liked the variety as well as safety of the site. I would recommend it to family and friends as well…

Very well organised and it delivered a good service. Read Full Review This site can bring tou happiness but in the same breath please be carefull. Found a great love but also met people who were dishonest. Read Full Review Why on earth do i have to pay so much for images, im not impressed.

I enjoyed the way profiles were simplified to interests and expectations. Also it doesn't matter if you have an age range either. Trying hard to think of anything positive to say about it at…